We would like to thank the Maastricht University Faculty of Law for hosting the fascinating platform launch of the RECOGNISE project on April 13, 2023! This remarkable initiative, sponsored by the ERASMUS+ Programme, brings together six European universities to develop an interdisciplinary training curriculum on legal reasoning and cognitive science.

The project offers valuable resources for legal researchers, law students, practitioners, and anyone interested in understanding the cognitive aspects of the law. The curriculum covers essential topics such as heuristics and biases in adjudication, the cognitive structure of legal concepts, and defeasible reasoning in law.

 The launch event featured experts from diverse legal fields who highlighted the significance of cognitive sciences for legal reasoning and the law in general. It was truly eye-opening to see how these interdisciplinary insights can enhance our understanding of the legal domain.

 A big thank you to the RECOGNISE project team for organizing such an informative event! I strongly encourage fellow students, practitioners, and researchers to explore the platform and dive into this exciting area of study.

Topics of discussion:

  • The Role of Neuroscience in the criminal responsibility of addicted defendants
  • Neurotechnology in criminal justice: freedom and rights
  • Brain Scans in the Courtroom: a critical look
  • Character evidence revisited: a source of bias of procedural justice?
  • Opportunities and limitations of judgment prediction
  • How might users’ consent be influenced? The case of loss-gain framing